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  Shree Mahakaleshwar Bhasmarti Rules  

1. For Bhasmarti, you need to apply before one day.

2. Application for admission will be based on the seats or space available.

3. Application for Bhasmarti will be accepted only up to 12:30 noon, after that no applicatinns shall be entertained.

4. The list shall be declared at 7:00 pm and admission letter shall be distributed at 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

5. Priorty shall be based upon "first come first get" basis.

6. Every applicant shall have to produce ID card with photo ID proof. PAN card not allow.

7. During Bhasmarti, the devotees shall not offer milk but only Water.

8. During Bhasmarti, no devotee shall be permitted in corridor.

9. After Bhasmarti is over and center Santarem (Garbh Grah) is closed no devotee or visitor shall be given or receive "panchamrita".

10. Only after the riniging of the 1st bell of Lord Mahakal, devotees shall enter center Santarem (Garbh Grah).

11. Permitted devotees shall vacant immediately after ritual of "Jalabhishek".

12. During the ritual of "Jalabhishek", ladies and gents should adorn saree and dhoti or sola respectively.

13. Please bear in mind that all the devotees have only 5 min during "Jalabhishek".

14. Only devotees who have the permission shall enter center Santarem (Garbh Grah).

15. In the event of any violation of above stated rules, the "Permission or Admission" shall be deemed "Cancelled".

16. Do not use polythine bags for offering milk or water to Lord Mahakaleshwer.

17. In the Bhasmarti Rules, changes are possible.