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  Simhastha Parva and Kumbhamela  

On the occasion of this pious Parva lakhs of pilgrims from India and abroad take bath here and exhibit their religious faith. The most peculiar feature is the procession of the seers and sages moving towards the Sipra for the holy dip. These religious leaders stay in Ujjain during the whole Simhastha period and take bath on specific bath-days with freat faith and enthusiasm with their sectorial banners (Nisanas).

During the Simhastha Parva every pilgrim after taking the bath visits the temple and humbly bows down before the Lord. The sight of the temple is very enchanting and rarely seen on that occasion. The law and order situations are well-planned and very alert then. The whole atmosphere echoes with the Jaya Jayakara (Victory to the Lord) Mahakalesvara.

(Lord Mahakala is the creator of all beings and the Universe. He rests in the subtle hearts of the deeply mediating seers. He is decorated with Somalekha, Kapala (skull) and the mahi-valaya (girdle of serpent). His glory has been sung by the resident of Avantika throughout the ages. The people at large surrender Him all their virtues and vices in order to attain the deliverance.)