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Harasiddhi Temple is one of the main temples of Ujjaini. Seated between Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati, then of Annapurna is painted with dark yellow colour. Shri-yantra is also enshrined importance temple.

According to Shiva-purna, when Shiv carried away the burning body of Sati the sacrificial fire of Daksh Prajapati. elbow dropped at this spot. Tantrie tradition holds this seat as a siddha-pitha. According to Skanda-purna the name Hara-siddhi go currency for the personal achievement of the goddess in vanquishing the demons. The folk tradition holds Harasiddhi as the worshipping dicty of the King Vikramaditya.

the temple was reconstructed in theMaratha period and the two lamp-pillars in the courtyard specially represent the Maratha art. There is a pretty old well in the courtyard and the small temple, by its side houses the idol of Mahamaya.