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Kala Bhairava
Shaivite form worship has assgned importance to the aderation of bight Bhairavas also. Kala Bhairavas is the forenio among them. Skanda-purana has made a mention of the temple of Kala Bhairavas in it Avanti-khanda.

According to some antique tradition, the follower of Kapalika and Aghora seets used to worship Shiva or Bhairava. Ujjain was also connected with the pattern of worship developed by these seets. People offer even liquor, as a part of their worship, to Kala Bhairava.

It is said that a certain king named Bhadrass got this temple constructed. This must have been a great temple during Paramar period. Paramar period images of Shiva, Parvati,Vishnu and Ganesh have been recovered from this place. The temple has usually been rebuilt with the remains of the old temple.

Beautiful paintings of Malwa-style once decorated the temple walls. the temple to in right of the courtyard is dedicated to Vittal and to the left it is a Dharmashala.