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Sandipani Asrama
According to the puranie traditional Yogeshwar Krishna and his friend Sudama received regular instruction in the asrama of Kulaguru Sandipani. Besides Mahabharat Puranas, Shrimad Bhagavata, Brahma, Agni and Brahmavaivarta bear references to Sandipani Asrama. Archacological evidences of three thousand years old painted-grey-wall have been recovered from this area. These bear a resemblance to the similar remains recovered at Hastinapur, Indraprastha, Mathura, Ahichchhatra and Kaushambi.

Gomati-kunda is the old source of water supply to the asrama and the same has been referred to in the Puranas also. The image of standing Nandi, near the tank, is worth seeing and its belongs to the Shunga period. The are near by is known as Ankapata Popul ar sales describe the place as used by Lord krishna for washing his writing tablet. In the beginning of the Sixteenth century Shri Vallabhacharya delivered his religious discourses in the vicinity of this ashram. There is a Peepal-tree planted by the Acharya which is testified by a letter of degree granted to one Narottam Sharma. The followers of the Vallabha seet count this place as the Seventythird Seat of their Acharya while he is said to have made Eightyfour sittings for religious discourses throughout India.