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Siddhavata at Ujjain is as well-known for its sanctity as Akshayavata of Prayag. Vamshivata of Vrindavan and Panchavati of Nasik. Post-Funeral rites are performed here at the Siddhavata ghat of holy Shipra. Skanda-purana has referred to this place as preta-shila-tirth. According to same opinion. Parvati performed her penances here. This has also been a place of worship for the followers of Natha-seat.

Shipra abounds with tortoises as Siddhavata Old coins of Ujjain asr found to bear the imprint of tortoises along woth river. This is also an indicative of the fact that the tortoises must have flourished here even in an ancient period. It is so said that this Banian tree was once sought to be vanished by cutting if off and covering it with iron sheets but its offshoots piereed through the iron sheets and this tree regained its foliation.