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several seers, sages, gods and goddesses, Yaksas, Kinnaras etc. practiced tapas in this Vana in ancient times. It had been this vana where Lord Siva exhibited several super-natural deeds by his divine power, thus justifying His Mahadeva name. Thousands of Siva lingas existed and were worshipped in this Vana, In this Ksetra, Mahakala, after beheading Brahma and crushing His kapala (fore head) performed the penance, Mahakala Vana and Avantika both have been very beloved to the Lord. Hence, he is the eternal conscious body of this Ksetra, Due to this fact, Avantika is regarded as super most among all the Tirthas. It had been this Mahakala Vana where Lord Visnu, on the request of Brahma, seated on the Asana of the Kusha grass for the welfare of all the beings, Therefore, this town was also known as Kusasthali. Needless to mention that this territory had been very favourite to the Divine Trinity-Brahma, Visnu and Mahesha.
So for as the name Ujjayini is concerned, the Puranic legends tell that one Tripura demon, being blessed by Brahma, turned very cruel and tyrannical towards the gods and their followers. Ultimately, all the celestial powers requested Lord Siva to protect them from the evil deeds of Tripura. Lord Siva worshipped the goddess Raktadantika and after pleasing her received the great weapon Mahapasupatastra, by the strike of which the demon was killed. As a result of this Vijaya (victory) the town became popular as Ujjaiyini or Ujjain. According to Matsya Purana, the demon Andhaka was
also killed by Lord Siva in this Mahakala Vana. It also had been the territory where